Zombie Die Hard

Zombie Die Hard games Its hard to kill Zombie. Use your tricks to kill zombie in this new zombies game. Use objects in the game to kill them. Click reset to play level again if you are stuck in the middle.All the best! ...
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Prison Getaway

Prison Getaway games Do you ever wonder how a prison escape would be like? If your answer is yes, you should definitely check out this amazing and exciting free flash game. But be aware, the road to prison-breaking is full of danger. The cops found out about your plan and they are trying to stop you so they prepared a lot of bombs. Use the arrow keys to control your car and avoid all the obstacles. In your journey you must find all the keys, otherwise you won't be able to escape. Once you collect every key, head straight for the exit and don't look back. Be careful and enjoy this wonderful free adventure. ...
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Shrek - Eyeball Dropper

Shrek - Eyeball Dropper games Hey Kids, in this game, Shrek is very hungry for some delicious eyeball soup. To be able to do that he needs to organize his jar of eyeballs, and make sure he is not going to mess up the recipe. Help Shrek out so he can enjoy his tasty ogre treat. ...
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Lemonade Madness

Lemonade Madness games Lemonade Madness: Its time for the lemon people to fight, as chains of colored lemons rapidly approach the knife, its up to you to stop them with your cannon shooter, but prepare to face a big lemon mess, think fast and be careful. This time you have to shoot colored lemons to make matches of three or more and eliminate the chains, before the time runs out ...
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Mancycle games Get as far as you can with Mancycle, don't run out of energy, collect food to fuel your petrol powered legs! Dodge the on coming traffic by either jumping or ducking ...
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Gunbot games Gunbot is a kick-ass gun shooting action games with tons of upgrades, level-ups, shields and guns! ...
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Las Vegas Pokerbike

Las Vegas Pokerbike games Ride your dirt bike over the obstacles in Las Vegas. Collect dollar bills that increase your Poker money. Win the Poker game to unlock the next track! Good luck in Vegas! ...
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Kill the Heroes

Kill the Heroes games Prevent creeps from taking you out as you setup turrets to fire along straight pathways. ...
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Delight Carrot Cake

Delight Carrot Cake games In this cool recipe game, it's your time to showcase your cooking skill. Make a delight carrot cake recipe with eggs, sugar, carrot, vegetable oil and many more ingredients of your choice. ...
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Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundae games Winter time, ice cream time!!! Do you think that there could be too much ice cream? Neither do I. It is hard to resist to creamy sundaes and fresh flavors when they look so good. The winter cold is almost over but these days are made to enjoy the most creamy ice cream in the world that you have ever eaten. If someone offers you yummi ice cream, how could you possibly say no? Even in the morning if the ice cream is paired with some fresh fruit and a fresh pot of piping hot coffee, then tongue cooling Ice Cream Sundae sounds perfectly delicious! Whip up the ideal combination of ice cream, dessert, and parfait your way! Enjoy! =) ...
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Super Mario Sky Shooter

Super Mario Sky Shooter games Play Super Mario Sky Shooter game and help our Super Mario pop as enemys.Your firepower can be upgraded between levels The Enemys are constantly changing and well varied. ...

chicken jump

chicken jump games it's fun game, I hope you like it! ...

Greedy Pirates

Greedy Pirates games You have become a pirate and you must protect the treasure from other thieves. Lock the treasure chest before other pirates find out where it is and come after you. ...

Dead Tree Defender

Dead Tree Defender games Hordes of heavily armed monsters are attacking your dead tree. Two fellow archers will be helping you to defeat them before they take over the forrest. ...

Rainy Dressup

Rainy Dressup games This girl loves the rain. She has some cool umbrellas and boots for rainy days. ...
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Gaxoc II: Evil Invader

Gaxoc II: Evil Invader games Action top-down space shooter. Beware of multiple enemies. ...
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At Home Dressup

At Home Dressup games What do you choose to dress up when staying at home? How can you choose things that make you sweet as well as comfortable? Come to see this collection then get good ideas. ...
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Bubble Rumble

Bubble Rumble games Connect 3 or more identical Bubbles together and they will burst. Clear out all the Bubbles to move to the next level. If one of the Bubbles reaches the bottom line, the game is over. Try to make it through all seven levels. ...
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Dad n' Me

Dad n Destroy everything that come in your way! ...
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City Tour

City Tour games The girls are hitting the town and need your help getting dressed up! Whether it's a walk downtown or lunch at a caf? every girl needs the perfect style. The girls need a makeover so they can go to the city ?play the City Tour dress-up game and help them! ...
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Super Racer

Super Racer games Control the physics of your truck. ...
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Handfan Shop

Handfan Shop games Collect required money by selling hand fans. ...


Algar games Shoot the moose, but watch out for little birds in this non violent and cartoon style shoot'em up. ...
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Marisol's Place


Find a path in this maze of streets to save Marisol's cat!

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Rock Stripes Dressup

Rock Stripes Dressup games

Choose a posh stripe styles for this punky but lovely lady.


Breakdown RPG Edition

Breakdown RPG Edition games

A breakout-style-space-rpg. Travel through space collecting gold, upgrades and special items.

Play Breakdown RPG Edition game

Mouse House

Mouse House games

When the master is out, the house belongs to the mouse!Click a spot on the path and drag in the direction the arrow should go to direct the mice to turn. Click an arrow to remove it. Direct the mice to pick up all the cheese and return to the wall.


World Domination Battle

World Domination Battle games

Watch as these world leaders and other famous personalities go on a battle against each other to conquer the world. You may also choose the location of the battle. Who's side are you on? Enjoy!

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Death By Hinge

Death By Hinge games

Launch the man as far as you can nothing but a hinge. Swing the hinge by clicking and dragging the mouse with it, releasing it to swing the hinge at high velocities. Hilarity ensues.

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Beavis and Butt-Head: Air Guitar

Beavis and Butt-Head: Air Guitar games

Always wanted to be a bad-ass rockstar? Then don't play this game, Captain Butt-munch. This game lets you play music that's unbelievably bad. Add in a few burps and farts (in the key of F minor) and make devil horns with your fingers for bonus fun.

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